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International students Banking

How you're going to get your money to the UK is an important question for all international students. Having a member of your family transfer your funds to your UK bank account once it's opened is probably the safest method.

Take a look at our advice on an introductory letter to help you open a bank account.

What you should bring with you

You'll need to bring enough funds to pay your initial accommodation instalment, buy food and general expenses before your UK bank account is set up (which may take two to three weeks). Rather than carrying large amounts of cash, you should bring traveller's cheques and only a small amount of cash.

Other things to note...

Opening a bank account in the UK can be a time consuming process. This is because of banking regulations, identity and credit checks. To make the process easier you should check if your home bank has a partner in Glasgow. If they do, you should be able to open an account with them relatively easily. If you do not wish to open an account but wish to use your home bank account using your debit card, you may be able to use this partner bank to access your home bank account without incurring heavy bank charges.

If your home bank doesn't have a partner bank in Glasgow, don't worry. There are lots of banks in Glasgow to choose from. You should visit several to find out which one offers you the best service.

You should not register for online/paper-free banking only as official postal bank statements may be required for visa extension purposes and ordering replacement statements can take around two weeks.