International students International Student Support Team

The International Student Support Team (ISST) offers guidance and information to all registered international students at the University of Strathclyde.  We specialise in study-related immigration as well as helping students navigate any personal issues experienced during their time at the University by directly assisting or referring them to other specialised University and external support services.  

We offer advice by email as well as pre-arranged in-person and zoom appointments.   In the first instance, we would advise you to send your enquiry by email which will be assessed by ISST staff, and an appointment offered if we feel it would be beneficial for us to meet you in person in a private setting.  Please note that we do not offer appointments in-person or via zoom to applicants and cannot give immigration advice until you have received and accepted an offer to study at the University of Strathclyde.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer individual immigration-related advice by telephone or to third parties without a student's consent. If you are contacting us by email - please be sure to send it from your University email account and include your registration number for verification purposes.

Find out more about us below:

What better way to get to know us than us telling you a little about what we love about Glasgow?  We hope you try some of our recommendations.
Amanda McLean - International Student Support Manager
  • Favourite animal: Cats, of course!  Where better to see them in person than the wonderful Purrple Cat Cafe? Only a few minutes from campus.
  • Recommended sightseeing spot in Glasgow: Glasgow Necropolis - especially on a cold dry winter day with a hot coffee in hand
  • Can you share a Glasgwegian or Scots word, what it means and what you like about it? Well, why have one word for rain when you can have 100?  This is beautiful and just the start of your journey getting used to the 'never the same twice' Scottish weather
  • Advice for new international students: Get involved in as many activities as you can, if you don’t like it you don’t need to try again. Meet new people – make friends with local students. Volunteering is a great way to meet people.
Cindy Padilla - International Student Adviser
  • Favourite animal: Owl
  • Favourite food: Sushi and cake
  • Recommended sightseeing spot in Glasgow: I really enjoy Pollok Country Park. You can go for a nice walk in the woodlands, see Highland cows, check out the unique gardens and explore the newly opened Burrell Collection. Best of all, it's free!
  • Advice for new international students: Get to know your campus community! There are plenty of opportunities to find and join a club or society with your interests and to get to know your fellow students.
Laura McLean - Senior International Operations Support Assistant
  • Favourite food:  Milk chocolate
  • Favourite place to eat in Glasgow: If you want to try some delicious Scottish food, Ardnamurchan is the place to be!
  • Favourite local activity: City Centre Mural Trail - completely free and takes you all over the city centre, starting from the University campus.  
  • Advice for new international students: When you have some free time, try to explore Scotland as much as possible - especially the Highlands and Islands!
Alison Spy - International Student Support Assistant
  • Favourite animal: Dog
  • Recommended sightseeing spot in Glasgow: I love Kelvingrove Art Gallery as it is a beautiful building and the surrounding area is lovely too.
  • Favourite local activity: Going to Rouken Glen Park. You can see a lovely waterfall and a pond with swans and fish to amuse kids!
  • What advice would you give to a new international student studying at Strathclyde? Immerse yourself in the Scottish language – who knows, you might be speaking Glasgwegian by the time you finish your studies!

Advise, provide guidance and direct you to onward support

A few examples:

  • Information and guidance on life in the UK
  • Specialised and confidential Student visa advice
  • Links to University student support services
  • Appointments available on request
Specialised programme of events such as:
  • International Welcome Programme
  • International student events
    • International Café
    • Themed events
  • Communications
    • Weekly International Update
    • Immigration Updates
    • Social media
  • Information sessions
    • Working after studies
    • Graduate Route

During your studies you may require additional support relating to your immigration status;  please check out our guidance below.  Please note that we do not offer appointments in-person or via zoom to applicants and cannot give immigration advice until you have been made and accepted an offer to study at the University of Strathclyde.

Visa extensions

Entry clearance applications

Graduate Visa

Police Registration

Lost or stolen BRP