International students Opening a bank account: introductory letter

If you need to open a bank account, you can obtain a downloadable PDF introductory bank letter on PEGASUS, by clicking on the 'Personal' tab. Bank letters are only available from the start date of your course even if you register early. Please ensure that you record both your overseas and UK addresses on your PEGASUS record before requesting the letter.

The bank letter will give you a list of banks in the centre of Glasgow; these banks have agreed to open accounts for international students.  If you visit the bank you should present:

  • bank letter
  • passport
  • BRP
  • accommodation contract - this must have your full name on it and your Glasgow address
  • any other documents requested by the bank

Some banks may also allow you to open your account online. If you are doing this, you may need to provide an image or a scan of these documents.

The majority of banks will give an international student a basic bank account, however, some banks will give you a debit card and pre-arranged overdraft.  Be prepared to shop around to find the bank which most suits your needs - you should consider whether you need to make regular international transfers; some banks will offer this free of charge.