You have been directed to this page because an Exam Board has made the decision that you must re-attend the most recent year of your course.    The following information will help you understand the next steps in relation to your University registration and protecting your UK immigration record.

What is re-attend?

A re-attend decision means that you have failed to meet the academic standards to proceed to the next year of your course.  In most cases, you are required to retake all modules as a first attempt and pay the full tuition fee.   

What happens now?

Your Tier 4 or Student visa

Your current Tier 4 or Student visa will remain valid;   however you will have to extend your visa around 3 months before your current visa expires in order to complete your studies.   


You must register and attend the previous year of your course again.


If you are working you must still adhere to the conditions of your visa.