Postgraduate research opportunities Uniform Distribution of Resources within a City


Key facts

  • Opens: Tuesday 31 March 2020
  • Number of places: 1
  • Duration: 3 - 4 years


To ensure that a person taking any route in a city has the same experience, e.g. seeing a city map, we need methods to cover the routes without over-deploying resources. We will use tools in Graph Theory and Combinatorics to optimally deploy resources across a city to have maximum effect on those navigating it.
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BSc or MSc in mathematics or computer science is required.

THE Awards 2019: UK University of the Year Winner
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Project Details

Cities are complex environments, which we can navigate in many ways. Multiple ways of navigating a city give rise to permutations of routes, which increase as the city grows and new routes and destinations arise. If we wish to ensure that a person taking any permutation of routes has the same experience, for example seeing a poster or city map, then we need methods to ensure appropriate cover of these routes without over-deploying resources. In a small city, trial and error techniques to solving such problems may suffice, but in large cities, more robust scientific approaches are needed, as the number of possible solutions grows exponentially, thus making exhaustive brute force searches impossible. In the PhD studies, we will exploit new techniques from Graph Theory and Combinatorics to create methods of optimally deploying resources across a city to have maximum effect on those navigating the city. Depending on student’s preferences, the project can be of more theoretical nature, or focusing more on applications.

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Dr Sergey Kitaev

Mathematics and Statistics

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Please email Dr Sergey Kitaev ( if you would like to apply for this opportunity.

Number of places: 1

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