Postgraduate research opportunities

Developing point of care sensors for biomedical diagnostics

Developing novel methodologies for portable, rapid, point-of-care detection of a variety of biomedically relevant markers for use in biomedical diagnostics

Number of places



2 March 2020


36 months


Relevant undergraduate degree in the field.

Project Details

Electrochemical sensors offer numerous features which make them excellent detection techniques. These features include the inherent sensitive, specificity and selectivity. Specificity is maintained through the precise energetic required to generate an electrochemical response. Through modulation of the energy levels of the complexes, reaction with a limited number of analytes will produce a recognition event response. This will allow for the detection of medically relevant biological analytes. These can be detected and identified based upon proteins found in different bodily fluid which may allow for point of care detection. This type of system could then be applied to a wide variety of systems including biomedical diagnostics. The expansion of this project for multiplexed detection will also be considered.

How to apply

Please email Dr Dennany if you would like to apply for this opportunity.