Childcare Funding


Key facts

  • Number of scholarships: Varies
  • Value: Various
  • Opens: 3 July 2023
  • Deadline: 31 May 2024
  • Helps with: Childcare


Full-time eligible students attending University will be able to apply for help with registered childcare costs from the Childcare Fund. Children must be under 15, or under 17 if they have special educational needs. Childcare fund awards are in the form of a grant and are in addition to any other funding a student receives. 



*Childcare Eligibility at a glance


Students must be eligible under the residency rules set out in part 2 of schedule 3 the Education (Access Funds) (Scotland) (No.2) Determination 2016. (If you meet the residency eligibility to receive a student loan for living costs from SAAS you should meet the criteria for the Childcare Fund)

Eligible Courses

Must be attending an eligible full-time course of study, as defined by SAAS. This includes Postgraduate courses that qualify for tuition fee loan funding from SAAS

Other Support

Must have used full entitlement of all other available support such as student loan and bursaries. Lone parents should also have claimed the Lone Parents Grant from SAAS. All students should have claimed any Child Tax Credits, free nursery places and other support to which they are entitled. Students must meet the eligibility criteria for tuition fee support to be eligible for assistance from the Childcare Fund. RUK students should apply to their funding body for the Childcare Grant. Lone parent students who aren’t eligible for tuition fee support due to previous study are still eligible to the Lone Parent Childcare Grant.

Other Criteria

Must be paying registered childcare costs. Childcare providers (Nurseries, Child Minders and Nannies that are recruited through agencies that are registered with the Care Inspectorate.) must be registered with the Care Inspectorate. 

*Full eligibility can be found in the SAAS Higher Education Childcare Fund Guidance and the University of Strathclyde Childcare Fund Policy.

Subject eligibility

Accounting & finance, Architecture, Biomedical engineering, Chemical engineering, Chemistry, Civil & environmental engineering, Computer science, Design manufacture & engineering management, Economics, Education, Electronic & electrical engineering, English, Entrepreneurship, History, Human resource management, Law, Marketing, Mathematics & statistics, Mechanical & aerospace engineering, Languages, Naval architecture ocean & marine engineering, Pharmacy & biomedical sciences, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Speech & language therapy, Business, Journalism, Hospitality & tourism, Management, Forensic science, Management science, Social policy, Teaching, Aeronautical engineering, Biochemistry, Biology & biological sciences, Biomedical science, Civil engineering, Data analytics, Environmental engineering, Health, Immunology, International relations, Mechanical engineering, Microbiology, Naval architecture, Ocean engineering, Pharmacology, Product design, Prosthetics & orthotics, Renewable energy, Social work, Software engineering, Sports engineering, Engineering, Science, Marine Engineering

Levels eligibility

Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught

Study modes eligibility

Full Time

Fee Status

Home (Scottish)

Student type

Current student

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Further information


The University receives an allocation of Childcare Fund from the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS).  SAAS issues guidance on administering the Fund and the University has a policy to best manage local demands. In order to ensure that the Childcare Fund can assist as many students as possible we have a University of Strathclyde Childcare Fund Policy for Childcare Fund applications. 

The Childcare Fund is intended to provide a significant contribution to childcare costs, but is not intended to cover the full cost of wraparound, full time childcare.

The Childcare Fund will help students over their academic year:

  • Undergraduates -  Monday 11th September 2023 – Friday 15th December 2023, Monday 8th January 2024 – Friday 17th May 2024
  • PGDE – 16th August 2023– Friday 15th December 2023, Monday 8th January 2024 – Friday 17th May 2024
  • Postgraduates -  Monday 11th September 2023 – Friday 15th December 2023, Monday 8th January 2024 – Wednesday 31st July 2024

 When assessing your application we will take into account the following:

  • We will expect you to use any free childcare places or equivalent discount to which you are entitled under the Scottish Government’s scheme for 3 and 4 year olds. If you choose to use a provider that does not participate in the scheme, this may be reflected in a reduced award from the Fund.
  • If you are eligible we expect you to apply for the Childcare element of Working Tax Credit to help with the cost of childcare.
  • For lone parents, we will also take into account the Lone Parent Childcare Grant which we will assess at the same time as your Childcare Fund application.
  • We will also take into account the overall cost of your childcare and the cost per hour or session.
  • We will consider how the childcare applied for relates to your study commitments and personal circumstances.
  • We will also consider whether anyone who shares caring responsibilities for your child(ren) can provide some of the childcare you need.

Depending on the demand on the Fund, level of awards could change throughout the year.

Your Childcare needs and how we will make payments

We will make an assessment based on your projected Childcare needs and costs for the Semester and will make an award accordingly. We will only reassess you award in the event of a significant change in your circumstances (for example if there was a major change to your timetable that resulted in increased Childcare need).

We will pay the award into your bank account on a monthly basis to allow you to pay the childcare provider(s). Before each payment is made your registration status will be checked to make you are still a registered student. If you finish your course or go into Voluntary Suspension, Academic Suspension or Registration with Attendance your award will stop. 

We have an online calculator which can estimate the support you may be eligible to receive from the Childcare Fund.  Please note that the calculator will estimate support for the whole academic session.  

Lone Parent Childcare Grant if you are a lone parent who has registered childcare costs and have received your Lone Parents Grant from SAAS, you can apply for this supplementary support directly from the University. 

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How to apply

  1. Students have to apply to the childcare fund each semester. The current application is to cover semester 1 childcare. Students who apply for support with semester 1 childcare will be contacted when applications open for semester 2. 
  2. You complete the application form and your childcare provider(s) complete Annex A detailing what childcare they have been asked to provide and the cost.

Application and Annex A for semester 1 childcare:

Online Application


Download this, you need it completed to submit with your application


Annex A for semester 1 - Childcare Funding Semester 1


Annex B for semester 2 - Childcare Funding Semester 2



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