Tuition fees & funding for international students

Tuition fees

The tuition fees for your course depends on the course you’re on, your level of study and where you permanently live. To find out the fees for each course please go to the appropriate course page or view our undergraduate fees for this year.

Funding your studies

We offer many different scholarships and funding opportunities for international students. Check out our country pages or our scholarship search to see what you can apply for.

Scholarships are usually limited in numbers and targeted at specific groups of students. Most scholarships have eligibility requirements ranging from level of study, course or previous academic achievements to residence or nationality.

Here are some links to look for sources of funding:

Have a look at our hints and tips to help you source some funding. Because demand is high for scholarships you should start applying as early as possible.

You should explore funding opportunities in your home country at the same time as applying for funding in the UK. Contact the relevant Ministry or Department of Education to find out what support they might be able to offer.