Entrepreneurship strategy
Identifying & supporting entrepreneurial talent

Our goal

Ensure that emerging entrepreneurs and innovators have a high awareness of the practical entrepreneurship support available and a clear understanding of the easily accessible entry points into Strathclyde Inspire.

Our approach 

To identify and encourage entrepreneurial talent, we will:

  • Embed staff and student entrepreneurship ambassadors in every Department across the University.
  • Launch a new start-up programme giving all students, staff, alumni and external partners the opportunity to validate their new commercial ideas and compete for small amounts of funding to help develop their ideas.
  • Maximise the potential of our commercial opportunities through appropriate intellectual property protection and effective use of the University stage-gated process, which harnesses insight and support from experienced panellists and provides a platform for reviewing and challenging opportunities as they progress to licence deals or spin-out company formations.
  • Include a welcoming start-up zone in the new Entrepreneurship Hub where emerging entrepreneurs can access on-site advisors, meeting space and hotdesking facilities, while networking with entrepreneurial peers.
  • Provide all identified talent with one-to-one support to help with the next stage of venture creation and growth.
Get involved

Scott and Fergus from Revive Eco discussing their business