Entrepreneurship strategy
Scaling innovation-driven enterprises

Our goal

By addressing the early-stage funding gap through significant expansion of our investment capabilities and ensuring access to University innovation services, we will create the environment needed for fast-growing businesses to thrive.

Our approach

To grow innovation-driven enterprises, we will:

  • Allocate a £7.5M investment fund, operational between 2020 and 2025, for investment in companies created by Strathclyde students, staff, alumni and strategic partners.
  • Engage with our alumni and partner communities to create an enhanced fund for early-stage seed investment of up to £100K in new companies created from the Strathclyde entrepreneurial community.
  • Engage and support any early-stage innovation-driven business with an appetite to scale through our unique scale-up support, comprising award-winning Growth Advantage Programme.
  • Include a welcoming facility in the new Entrepreneurship Hub where local businesses can explore ways in which engaging with the University’s innovation services could support their growth aspirations.
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