Strathclyder wins Best Scientific Lecture in digital awards

Row of traditional filament lightbulbs with one energy-saving lightbulb hanging lower.

A Strathclyde academic has won the prize for Best Scientific Lecture in the LpS Digital Lecture Awards.

Harald Haas, Professor of Mobile Communications and Director of the LiFi Research and Development Centre at Strathclyde was awarded the honour for his lecture on LiFi,  a wireless communication technology which utilises light to transmit data in a secure and high-speed manner.

Lighting development

The award, made by the Luger Research Institute for Innovation & Technology  recognises the industry organisations, project teams and institutions which have made ‘outstanding contributions’  to lighting development.

The awards are presented in four specific categories, also including Sustainability, Lecture and Product Awards and the announcement was made during a live stream event on December 2.

Professor Haas said: “I am thrilled and greatly honoured by this wonderful recognition.

“LiFi really has become a catalyst for moving two big industries closer together - the lighting industry and the wireless communications industry. 

“This shift opens huge scientific and commercial opportunities as we witness a new field rapidly unfolding. I clearly see LiFi as a central cornerstone for our future 6G systems."