Agile working
Top tips when working agilely

  Keep Fridays free of meetings and email as far as possible – use the time to focus on work and activities that require the most focus and concentration.

  Make time to socialise with colleagues – staying in touch and checking in with colleagues on a personal level helps build cohesion and closeness.

  Make sure you remain visible to colleagues. They can’t see you so communicate with each other to help them understand what you’re doing and when you need support.

  Speak to your colleagues via video call regularly, using a platform such as Zoom – not only for meetings but for staying in touch.

  Use instant messaging such as Zoom Chat or Skype for Business Instant Messaging as an alternative to video calls or email; it’s less formal and quick to use. Think about linking Skype for Business to your calendar so that others can see when you are busy.

  Take responsibility for maintaining relationships – don’t wait for others to make contact. Check in and offer support.

  Deliver on your commitments. You may need to be even more self-motivated and plan, prioritise and manage your work very deliberately when working from home. If you’re not going to make an important deadline, highlight this to your line manager in advance so that others can help you.