People StrategyAgile Working: Web Toolkit for Staff & Managers

Purpose of the Strathclyde Agile Working Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help staff and managers understand what agile working is, what agile working arrangements may be available and how to make agile working successful for both our staff and our University.

Many of us adapted to working remotely for a significant period throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and we learned many lessons from this time about ways in which we can work flexibly and effectively whilst delivering our work objectives. As we return to having a greater presence, and delivering more services, on campus, we want to continue to offer flexibility to help colleagues balance work and home life. We are therefore fully committed to the benefits of our agile working toolkit and encourage adoption of the agile working principles in line with University expectations of the time spent on campus.

Meeting Free Fridays

We also want to stress the importance of all of us seeking to keep Friday as a day with dedicated time to focus on key priorities – Meeting Free Fridays, where this is possible, will help make Friday particularly productive. We should also try to minimise email traffic on a Friday, further helping colleagues to make the most of their time and ensuring they are able to enjoy a ‘work free weekend’ as far as possible.