Our People Strategy 2020-2025
A Thriving Environment

Stephanie McKendry.

We are making huge progress on access and equality.

Stephanie McKendry
Head of Access
Equality & Inclusion

Our aim

As an inclusive, diverse and people-oriented University, we will ensure that all staff are appropriately challenged and able to balance work and life commitments.

We will achieve this by:

  • appointing a Workplace Wellbeing Manager and developing and implementing a workplace health action plan, 'Thrive@Strathclyde’
  • ensuring that staff are clear on what is expected of them, that workloads are discussed and appropriate and expectations correspondingly clear
  • enhancing work/life balance through agile working and using technology as an enabler
  • continuing to implement a range of sector-leading, socially progressive, people-oriented policies to support our outstanding staff
  • appointing a Head of Staff Equality and Inclusion and developing and implementing a ‘best in class’ staff Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programme

We will measure our progress by:

  • achieving a continuously closing gender pay gap
  • staff sickness absence levels
  • monitoring the level of female staff and staff from a BME background who are in senior roles
  • monitoring our overall race pay gap and the overall pay gap between those who have/have not disclosed a disability
  • ensuring we maintain or grow the proportion of our international academic professional staff