Our People Strategy 2020-2025
The Strathclyde Pledge

Our pledge

Our Pledge is that every individual staff member at Strathclyde will have:

A stable contract

In some cases, this will necessarily be a fixed-term or flexible contract but we will commit to ensuring as much certainty as possible and early confirmation of what will happen at the end of each contract.

Fair & equal pay

We commit to continuing to pay the Voluntary Living Wage, to helping staff understand the rationale for their salary level and to ensuring that, within each grade, we continue to pay colleagues appropriately regardless of their gender or other protected characteristic.

A safe & secure working environment

We aim to ensure zero harm for our colleagues and commit to moving from reacting to allegations of harassment to prevention of harassment in the workplace.

An opinion that matters

We commit to listening to, and responding to, the views of our staff, both through our collective bargaining framework and from those who choose not to be Trade Union members.

The University will achieve the Pledge by:

  • carrying out a review of our use of fixed-term contracts
  • ensuring consistent implementation of fair and appropriate rates of payment for our more casual staff
  • continuing to ensure within-grade equal pay based on gender and reviewing within-grade pay between other protected characteristics, including race
  • introducing and publishing a Remuneration Policy Statement
  • introducing an all staff behaviour code and enhancing associated ‘Report and Support’ mechanisms
  • introducing new, team-based, ‘listen and action’ meetings

We will measure our progress by:

  1. achieving a year-on-year reduction in the percentage of our fixed term staff who have more than three years’ service
  2. monitoring within grade pay gaps based on protected characteristics
  3. monitoring safety and wellbeing
  4. collecting feedback from staff ‘pulse surveys’