Dignity & Respect PolicyOur advisers: Nicki McPake

Name: Nicki McPake

Job title: International Relationships Manager, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Nicki's story

I am delighted to be supporting Strathclyde’s Dignity and Respect Network by acting as an Adviser. I firmly believe that all staff share the right to work in a professional and dignified environment and the D&R network play a critical role in ensuring this stands true at the University of Strathclyde.

Based within the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, I work as an International Relationship Manager focused on international student recruitment and partnerships. Having worked in HE since 2008, I have worked in different managerial roles since 2012 and thus have experience of handling differing work-related grievances and issues throughout this time.

I believe that listening is a critical component of effective action and I look forward to meeting with colleagues to informally hear their experiences and issues and to provide support and advice as appropriate.

Nicki McPake