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Welcome to Strathclyde’s online reporting facility

As part of Strathclyde Safe360°, we are committed to a safe campus for all and believe everyone who is a part of the University community: staff, students, and visitors, have a responsibility in ensuring this is the case. Report & Support is a facility where anyone can disclose behaviours or issues they believe puts the safety of the Strathclyde community at risk.

You can use this form to report problematic behaviours such as harassment, Gender-Based Violence, stalking, discrimination, or to raise concerns about safety, and issues that undermine our inclusive University.

If you have doubts as to whether this is the right way to disclose an issue, then please still submit a report and we can get in touch with you to talk through your options. Otherwise, you can contact our Student Conduct & Support Team via

If you require an accessible version of this form, please use the following link: Report & Support - Accessible Version 

Reports are reviewed daily Monday-Friday except during University closures.

If you need urgent assistance or assistance outside office hours, please contact University Security:

Safe360° is a Registered Trade Mark of the University of Strathclyde in the United Kingdom.

The information you give us on this form will be viewed by a small group of senior University staff from Student Experience, Security and Human Resources who will assess how best to respond. If you are a student, we will not share your report with your department unless you agree, or if there are serious safety concerns.

If seeking support, especially if you're from the LGBTQIA+ community or someone who engages in sex work, we understand that you may be fearful of information in your report or disclosure being revealed or used against you. We respect your right to protect information about yourself. Information disclosed in your report will not be shared outside the small group of staff that respond to reports without your consent or before you are ready to tell your own story. Our focus is on a safe and supported disclosure and, in cases of sexual assault or gender-based violence, we would not normally pursue any disciplinary processes if you disclose such things as drug or alcohol consumption within your report. Exceptions to this are where we consider there are serious risks of harm to you or to other people, and cases relating to fitness to practice, professional standards or conditions set by regulatory bodies.

If you have provided contact information, a member of our Student Conduct & Support Team will contact you within two working days to discuss the best course of action. We will not normally take any action without consulting you first, and cannot treat your report as a complaint until we have discussed this with you. If, however, there are serious safeguarding concerns raised in your report, we may need to act without asking you first.

Feeling unsafe

If you're feeling unsafe, Security staff can help. They're available 24/7. If you need them, get in touch on extension 3333 if you're on campus and using a landline. If using a mobile, call on +44(0)141 548 3333.

In an emergency, get in touch on extension 2222 if you're on campus and using a landline. If using a mobile, call on +44(0)141 548 2222.

First Responder Network

You can be connected with a First Responder via our First Responder Network who can help you:

  • find appropriate support from University services or external agencies
  • discuss your reporting options with you and explain how formal University processes work (for example the complaints procedure or the disciplinary procedures)

The Report and Support Response Team handles cases where staff or students may have breached University discipline. We can also:

  • help you register a formal complaint
  • look at University procedures and working practices to see how we can improve your safety
  • record incidents and investigate where there is a pattern of issues

You don’t have to give your name, but if you choose not to provide any contact details, this will limit the actions we can take and the support we can offer you. Your report will still be recorded and reviewed, and action will be taken where appropriate.

By providing your name and/or contact details, you can be assured that your privacy will be respected, and any actions that can be taken will be discussed with you first, and we can also provide you with additional support. We will only take action without consulting you if there is a serious safeguarding concern.

Our team of First Responders are staff volunteers trained to respond sensitively to disclosures of harm or abuse and listen without judgement. They can provide information on reporting options available to you and can help you complete a Report and Support submission on any issue at any time. They can then point you to support services within the University along with relevant external organisations.

Privacy notice

We will use personal information provided in your form to take any necessary actions to provide appropriate support and/or investigate incidents. For more information as to how we will use personal data provided via Report & Support please see our Report & Support Privacy Notice.