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Incident reporting form

A safe campus is the responsibility of everyone who is part of the University community: staff, students and visitors.

We all have a responsibility to report if someone’s safety has been threatened, whether that is through inappropriate behaviour, verbal or physical harassment, or other actions that make them feel unsafe, for example threatening posters, stickers or graffiti.

Please report, even if you think you don’t have enough information for us to take action immediately.

What can the University or Students’ Union do?

Security staff can help if you are feeling unsafe:

  • we can help you find appropriate support
  • we can investigate in cases where staff or students may have breached University discipline
  • we can consult the police where a crime may have been committed
  • we can look at University and Strath Union procedures and working practices to see if we can improve safety for you
  • we can record incidents and investigate where problems seem to keep occurring

How can I make a report?

You can use this form to report a concern, or you can contact one of our reporting centres:

  • University Security, Level 1, Livingstone Tower, Richmond Street, Glasgow
    Tel: 0141 548 3333 (open 24hrs)
  • The Advice Centre, Level 1 Floor, McCance Building, Richmond Street, Glasgow
    Tel: 0141 548 4273/2753 (open 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday)
  • Student Disability, Health & Counselling Services, Level 4, Graham Hills Building, George Street, Glasgow
    Tel: 0141 548 3402 (open 9.30am to 4pm)
  • USSA Advice Hub, 90 John Street, Glasgow
    Tel: 0141 567 5040 (drop-in 10am to 4pm) 
You can make a report without giving your name, but this may limit the actions we can take and the support that can be offered to you. Your report will be recorded and reviewed.

Staff will decide how best to respond to the situation. We will take into account what you want the University or Students’ Association to do. In some cases the University may need to take action regarding the report you make whether you request this or not. This will usually be to safeguard other students, staff and visitors..

We may need to contact you for more information or to offer you further support.

  1. Name

    I would rather not give my name

    Are you:

    Student/Staff Number (if applicable):


    Preferred Contact Details (Enter your Email or Mobile)
  1. Please describe the issue concerning or affecting you. Please provide as much detail as possible.

    It would be helpful if you could please answer all or any of the questions below will to help you give us the information we need

    If you or anyone else involved in danger? If so please call Security on 0141 548 2222 or on   ext 2222 from an internal phone

  1. Which best describes you?

    I have experienced a situation that has been harmful or offensive to me

    I have observed or witnessed an issue that I am concerned about

    When did the issue occur? If the issue is ongoing give details of when it started

    Where did the issue occur?

    If you can, please give details or a description of anyone else who may have been involved. This includes people responsible, witnesses and anyone else who was harmed or offended.

    Please give names or contact details


  1. Do you believe people have been targeted or affected by the issue because of any of the following? (you can tick as many as you feel are appropriate):

    Disability (including mental or physical illness)
    Gender reassignment or transgender identity
    Marital status
    Pregnancy/parental status
    Race, nationality, ethnic origin or perceived ethnic origin
    Religion or belief
    Sexual orientation

If you have a photograph or document that may help us investigate this situation please retain this.

What would you want the University to do as a result of this report?

  1. I want to report this to make:

    the University aware

    the Students’ Association aware (tick boxes, more than one can be ticked)

    I would like to talk to someone about what action could be taken

    I would like action to be taken about this situation by the University/the Student’s Association/ the police

    I would like further support

  1. Data Protection

    The data you provide will be used to ensure the University offers you appropriate support for your enquiry and, where appropriate, can investigate your report further in order to establish whether further action is necessary.

    Further information is available in our Privacy Policy

    I consent to having the university store my submitted information so they can respond to my inquiry.