Sustainable StrathclydeClimate Training

Whilst it is now more urgent than ever that we take inclusive and collaborative action on climate change, it is also more exciting than ever to use the tools of innovation and culture at our fingertips to imagine what a positive sustainable future, that allows all members of society to thrive, might look like.

At The University of Strathclyde, we are running two separate strands of climate and sustainability-focused training for all members of the University that aim to give everyone an equal understand of the scientific grounding of climate change and give participants the tools to take more sustainable actions in their own lives, and experience the multiple benefits this brings, as well as to hold those in power responsible for taking wider action.

There are two strands of training open at Strathclyde:

For all staff & students

Carbon Literacy training

Run in partnership with the Carbon Literacy Project and Manchester Metropolitan University, the Carbon Literacy Training brings staff and students together for a three-week block of three workshops. This will go cover everything from understanding your carbon footprint to making pledges of sustainable actions you aim to take. This training is run by the Sustainable Strathclyde team.

For senior managers

Climate Solutions training

This time effective manager-focused course is run by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) and is imbued with the optimism that comes from tackling an issue, and focuses on solutions.

As described by the RSGS:

Four online modules will short-cut vast amounts of literature and learning, providing a good basic understanding of the science, and focusing on the minimum essential information needed to respond.

If you are in a management role at the University of Strathclyde and would like to sign up, please contact