On 11 February, we celebrate the UN International Day of Women & Girls in Science.

Here's some of our amazing Strathclyde Women in Science who are all working towards different goals and achievements across the sector.

Lisa McCann & Roma Maguire, Computer & Information Sciences

"The eSMART study is a European randomised controlled trial in five countries across Europe of our mobile phone-based remote patient monitoring system to support patients with cancer during their chemotherapy treatment."

Christine Dufés, Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Science

"We've developed some new seek-and-destroy nanomedicines...and we've demonstrated that intravenous administration of this nanomedicine led to the complete disappearance of 70% of one type of [prostate cancer] tumour, and 50% of another type of [prostate cancer] tumour."

Maria Weikum, PhD student, Physics
Since I was young, I've always wanted to be a researcher. I was particularly fascinated at how this field combines the abstractness and beauty of mathematics with the possibility for real everyday life applications.
Maria Weikum, Physics (PhD)
Debra Willison smiling at the camera

Dr Debra Willison, Faculty of Science

"The best part about working here is the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across the whole university. This brings in a whole host of people from other services and faculties who have expertise in different areas who you get the chance to work with and build great working relationships with."

Zoë Davidson, Physics (PhD)

"On reflection, my experience in Japan was simply invaluable and unforgettable. I would encourage anyone, especially PhD students, to apply for similar opportunities. I have learnt that feelings of fear and apprehension can be good indicators that you are about to do something new, exciting and worthwhile to expand your comfort zone, so go for it."

Maryam Omowunmi Abdul-Rahman nee Musah smiling at the camera

Maryam Omowunmi Abdul-Rahman nee Musah, Quantitative Finance (MSc)

"Studying an MSc in Quantitative Finance at the University of Strathclyde equipped me with analytical, problem solving, and data analysis skills using R programming language, Microsoft Excel and working on real-life projects, to position myself with the right skill set needed on the day-to-day basis of my job."

Kylie Ang She Tou, Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (MSc) student

"I got a very good job in Malaysia. I'm a Pharmacist, a registered Pharmacist. I can open my own pharmacy but I decided to come here to do my postgraduate study."

Maria Sahayaselvan, Forensic Science (MSc)

Personally, for me, the most important aspect of the course was the mock outdoor crime scene exercise where students were asked to collect evidence from the scene and come back to the laboratory and analyse the evidence."

Tran Ha Dung, Quantitative Finance (MSc) student
The course has exactly what I was looking for, equipping myself with knowledge in finance, math, computer sciences as well as a quantitative set of skills to become a future quant.
Tran Ha Dung, Quantitative Finance (MSc)
german student julia loder

Julia Loder, Quantitative Finance (MSc)

"Studying here, the classes are much smaller [than in Germany]. There is good contact with the lecturers and the materials are more straightforward. Overall, I have a much greater learning experience here."

Patricia Kelly smiling at the camera

Patricia Kelly, Biochemistry & Immunology (BSc)

"What amazed me about STEMAspire is that it really is all about you. You get to design the programme yourself, tailor it around the skills you want to develop and choose what you want to work on over the year."

PhD student Jennifer Wallace wears a lab coat, in a lab, while smiling at the camera

Jennifer Wallace,

"I started a new job in Project Management [after graduating], working for a company focused on clinical trials. It’s exciting to be out doing something new, building my career, continuing to learn and building on my academic experience."

Reshma Ranjit, Cancer Therapies (MSc)

"Cancer was the course I always wanted to do. It includes care-targeted therapies and advanced biomedical research labs and quite a few new subjects which are included are drug discovery and targeted therapies."

Caitlin Hykel, Forensic Science (MSc)

"I feel that my nine months here at Strathclyde have definitely been stepping stones towards a future career. I feel more prapared, I've done more techniques that I haven't done in my undergraduate degree that I can carry forward and use in the workplace."

Araceli Venegas-Gomez, Physics (PhD)
I was always interested in science and physics, and later fell in love with Quantum Physics. At Strathclyde, I was impressed by the ratio of females studying Physics.
Araceli Venegas-Gomez, Physics (PhD)