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Improving ocean & climate literacy

The challenge trying to be solved

To improve education and to facilitate youth and wider citizen participation in decision-making, we have developed a ‘cradle-to-grave’ multi-level ocean literacy programme.

What is being done?

Under the One Ocean Hub, the Mzansea project is co-developing with the Marine Coastal Educators Network a suite of ocean literacy resources for implementation by network members.

In the Solomon Islands we also have the ‘Our Ocean: Our Identity’ project, which aims to showcase gendered conceptions of the ocean in Melanesian contexts through public art, to foreground cultural heritage and indigenous identity in ocean dialogues.

Our youth partners, the Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change, are working with primary school teachers in Western Province to develop a challenge-led ocean education programme which integrates Pacific culture, indigenous knowledge, and science.

Since 2018, Strathclyde has conceptualized and implemented the Island Explorers project, an interdisciplinary educational programme for primary-age pupils (age 7-12 years) to learn about sustainability using the context of islands to explore current global challenges such as climate change, bringing together learning in various science, engineering, social science and artistic concepts. In this immersive learning experience pupils explore new cultures, connect with peers around the world, and investigate a sustainability challenge. 


Since launching in 2018, over 1,500 pupils from across Glasgow have taken part in Island Explorers and in 2020 the programme was expanded to schools in the Outer Hebrides and the Western Isles.

The future

The researchers will continue to promote the ocean by producing useful resources on marine ecosystems for students, educators, scholars and decision makers.

They aim to share information about the rich and diverse marine ecosystems that are often overlooked, build understanding pertaining to the benefits of these ecosystems to human and inspire people to look after the fascinating marine environment.

The One Ocean Hub is also currently working with UNEP as part of the Children’s rights to a healthy environment initiative including:

  • new process for the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to develop a General Comment on child rights, environment and climate change
  • the UN Joint Commitment to promote the right of children, youth and future generations to a healthy environment

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