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COP26 in Glasgow

At Strathclyde, we have placed net zero at the heart of our strategy. 

COP26 is over and we’ve been privileged to play our part. Strathclyde students, staff and partners have been involved in the official proceedings and a number of side events, exhibitions and other activities.

The work must continue and we are well-positioned to support new technologies and policy solutions to deliver a just transition to a more sustainable, resilient economy.

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Averting dangerous levels of climate change requires global carbon dioxide emissions to fall to zero by the latter part of this century.

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Our reflections on COP26

Watch our video as we look back at the impact of COP26 in our home city and the role that Strathclyde has played, now and in the future.


COP26 Legacy Strategy

As outlined in our Vision 2025, the University of Strathclyde remains committed to addressing sustainable development, of which climate action is an integral component.

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Our Legacy Strategy

Former US President Barack Obama visits Strathclyde

We were honoured to welcome former President Barack Obama to the University to talk to young leaders about climate change. 

President Obama was welcomed by our Principal, Professor Sir Jim McDonald, and Benn Rapson, President of Strath Union.

The Obama Foundation, in collaboration with Columbia University’s Climate School, hosted a roundtable in our new Learning and Teaching Building to connect President Obama with young people attending COP26. 

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Logo: UN Climate Change - COY 16 - Conference of Youth

Thank you to Conference of Youth delegates

Last month, we welcomed COY16 delegates to Strathclyde and StrathUnion. It was the most substantial youth climate change conference in history. The outcomes from COY16 went on to play a crucial role in the COP26 negotiations. 

Read the Global Youth Statement on Climate Change

Find out more about COY16

Hope Triptych sculpture.

Strathclyde welcomes Glasgow's Hope Sculptures

An engaging public art installation by Steuart Padwick, has been installed at three locations across Glasgow in the run-up to COP26 and beyond. The 23M high Hope Sculpture is at the woodland park of Cuningar Loop, part of Clyde Gateway, Scotland’s biggest and most ambitious regeneration programme. The 4.5M high Beacon of Hope is located at the city’s Glasgow Central Station and the 3.5M high Hope Triptych is located on campus in Rottenrow Gardens. Visitors are encouraged to access the sculptures via a walking and cycling route that connects the pieces.

Hope Triptych sculpture

How we're driving net zero and tackling the climate emergency

Our climate, sustainability & net zero experts

Strathclyde is home to many academics and professionals who have unrivalled expertise across an extensive range of fields.

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Our case studies

Read on to find more examples from all our amazing people, programmes, courses, research and partners.  We're working together on a huge number of projects that will help us get to net zero. 

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Professor Sir Jim McDonald
At Strathclyde, we're working on plans to reduce carbon emissions by 70% by 2025 on our journey to net zero by 2040 or earlier.
Professor Sir Jim McDonald

UK Universities' Climate Innovation Showcase

Mission possible

The Climate Innovation Showcase presents a sample of the innovative work going on at universities in the UK, showcasing the creativity and endeavour of researchers to develop new ways of reducing greenhouse emissions, adapt life to the changing climate, helping us to better understand the nature of the climate and its impacts, and inform action. 

Image credit: 'Show your stripes' image - a visualisation of global temperatures from 1850 to 2020 - by Ed Hawkins, University of Reading

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Climate Neutral Innovation District

Can you imagine using a city centre river as a heat source to warm our buildings?

In the video below, Dr Roddy Yarr, our Executive Lead for Sustainability, talks about our hopes for a Climate Neutral Innovation District.

COP26 Legacy Strategy

At Strathclyde, we fully acknowledge the essential role we have to play in addressing not only the COP26 thematic areas, but also the wider net zero and sustainable development agendas to which these interrelate. Take a look at our legacy strategy to find out more.

Legacy Strategy

Our courses

We have a number of courses and initiatives dedicated to preparing you to contribute to sustainable development.

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A Strathclyde A-Z of COP26

Much of our research is aimed at addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people can enjoy peace and prosperity. 

Our A-Z of COP26

Climate Neutral Innovation District

100% climate neutral area within Glasgow City Innovation District

Strathclyde is leading an ambitious project to create a 100 per cent renewable, climate neutral and climate resilient area within Glasgow City Innovation District. The project aims to integrate heat, power, transport, climate adaptation and wellbeing solutions that will benefit everyone in the area.

Our podcasts

Listen to a range of our experts and hear what they have to say about tackling the climate emergency.


Our blogs

We have a significant number of blogs for you to learn more about our research, projects and work in the global community.


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