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Navigating turbines and turbulent seas

Category: Collaboration for impact

A video still of an offshore wind turbine base overlaid with a graphic that shows the impact of waves on the structure

Offshore wind power is vital in combatting climate change, however access by boat means turbine maintenance remains a dangerous challenge, both to staff and energy security. Collaboration with E.on and Reygar has enabled us to develop novel video processing tools to identify waves and turbines, achieving spatially accurate measurements of ocean conditions. Dramatically cheaper than other sensing technologies, it can be deployed widely to determine optimum maintenance windows at each turbine, improving safety and reliability.

Entrant: Andrew Campbell , Architecture

Copyright: Andrew Campbell

Funding: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Impact Acceleration Account, grant ref: EP/R51178X/1

Collaborators: e.On (Robin Rigg), Reygar