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After the devastation, alone again

Category: Health matters

A digital sketch showing a lonely, aged women sitting at the end of her bed

Trauma, grief, cumulative losses, stigma and shame of being bereaved by suicide, are further complicated by ageism for people in later life. Learning from those with lived experiences of suicide, we have developed guidance for policy and practice.  This capitalises on people‚Äôs own knowledge and strengths to build capacity for living with traumatic bereavements and to access the support they need to tackle any isolation, loneliness, and physical and mental health risks that may arise.

Entrant: Trish Hafford-Letchfield , Social Work And Social Policy

Copyright: Jolie Goodman

Funding: University of Strathclyde New Professors fund

Collaborators: Prof Trish Hafford-Letchfield1 , Dr Jeff Hanna1 , Dr Evan Grant1 , Lesley Ryder-Davies1 , Dr Nicola Cogan1, Jolie Goodman2 , Dr Susan Rasmussen1 , Sophie Martin1 1 University of Strathclyde; 2 Mental Health Foundation


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