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A child stands in front of a bamboo building

This Ban Khamsamakkee School building serves as a model for ecological building. Its hybrid structure, constructed from local, sustainable composite materials, was designed through the Towards Change programme, developed by University of Strathclyde. Working closely with local residents and academics, the project aims to assist communities to make best use of local materials and resources, enabling them to become self-sufficient whilst reducing their environmental impact.

Entrant: Runda Aduldejcharas , Architecture

Copyright: Runda Aduldejcharas

Funding: AC Wall Inter Group Co. Ltd, Global Envi Consultant Technology Co. Ltd, Home Mega Mart Co. Ltd (Buriram), Buriram Steel Part. Ltd, SCK Engineering & Tool Co. Ltd, Krasang Karset Part. Ltd

Collaborators: Dr Davide Grierson University of Strathclyde and co operate by Krasang Community, Bam Kham samakkee School


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