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Nothing is real: modelling uncertainty

Category: Shared visions

A graphic illustration of a set of scales holding a dice on each side, a hand above either side controlling stringed puppet figures in front of the scales

In weighing up the risks demonstrated by statistical modelling, it is important to understand the context of the predictions reached – as well as the influence of those ‘pulling the strings’ – in the decision-making process. Whilst this research specifically focusses on risk modelling for uncertainty in offshore windfarming, aiming to inform investment and job marketing decisions, it is very applicable to other industries and even the public in understanding modelling influence on policy decision-making.

Entrant: Solene Huynh , Management Science

Copyright: Solene Huynh / Piret Ilver / Alex Yomare / De an Sun

Funding: University of Strathclyde JARA Scholarship


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