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Discovering the disease lurking within

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A black and white microscope image of a virus-like black particle

Discovered during analysis of a cast iron wind turbine component, this microscopic graphite particle not only looks like a virus but can act like one too. Just as viruses break down cells, irregularities in materials can cause premature failure and reduce component service life. Through better understanding of material behaviour, we aim to create more robust processes for recirculation, remanufacture or re-use of components, therefore making wind energy fully sustainable.

Entrant: Obey Suleyman , Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Copyright: Obey Suleyman

Funding: Student Excellence Award - Strathclyde Research Studentship Scheme (SEA-SRSS), National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS), Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL), Renewable Parts Limited (RPL)

Collaborators: Maider Olasolo, Tiziana Marrocco, Fiona Sillars


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