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Rethinking the plastic witch hunt

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An illustration showing a crowd surrounding a bonfire. A thick cloud of smoke rises into the air forming faces as a man throws a prosthetic leg onto the bonfire.

Plastic pollution is a widespread concern for human health and the environment but plastics also play valuable and restorative roles. Collaborating with a range of partners, our research is exploring a new future for plastics, asking how we can optimise their use. Aiming to tackle plastic pollution and carbon emissions, we want to ensure that when plastic is the best material choice, we use it responsibly and maximise re-use wherever possible.

Entrant: Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs , Design Manufacturing and Engineering Management

Copyright: Veronique Heijnsbroek

Funding: Research England E3

Collaborators: Veronique Heijnsbroek (illustrator), Torik Holmes, Carolynne Lord


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