Continuous Improvement - Case Study5S in Marketing & Communications


The Marketing and Communications team produce a high volume of materials to promote the University and facilitate the achievement of our strategic ambitions e.g. student recruitment. These materials include University prospectuses, art supplies, and photographic materials, as well as basic stationery required to support the work of the team. Over time, excess supplies of these materials occupied the full capacity of a store room and was encroaching on the office work space which was detrimental to the team’s working environment.

What changes were implemented?

  • The whole team received training on the concepts and benefits of workplace management using the 5S approach
  • Using the activities during the training, the team created an action plan to improve their working environment
  • The team examined every item in storage and categorised its usage and need. Estates colleagues were involved in the disposal of the unwanted items
  • Nominated team members examined the remaining materials and designed a structure to allow clear identification and access to the items they actually needed
  • The space was organised into areas for stationery with identification labels and a re-order level, a storage area, and a new quiet work space to allow employees an area to focus away from the activity of the office

What was achieved?

An improved and more effective working environment for the team.

Some before and after photos of the offices following the 5S activity