Continuous Improvement - Case StudyCommission Payments to Agents


Recruitment and International Office (RIO) collaborate with a large number of international agencies recruiting students to study at the University of Strathclyde.  Commission payments are made to agents for each student who registers at Strathclyde and applied through their agency.  The process to make these payments was seen as complex and time-consuming.  The focus of the project was to reduce the time spent in RIO confirming the commission owed to an agent, to remove the practice of agents sending invoices for payment, and to create a more pro-active approach where RIO informs the agent of the commission amount due to be paid to them.

What changes were implemented?

  • Creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to support the new process
  • Development of system based reports that provide details of students who applied to Strathclyde via an agency
  • Use of reports to identify the commission due to each agent for students who used their services and registered at Strathclyde
  • Additional staff member trained on the process to ensure business continuity
  • Introduction of a timeframe for payments made to agents paid within three months of a student commencing their studies

What was achieved?


hours staff capacity created in year one


reduction in time taken to complete the commission payments to agents


reduction in staffing costs in year one