The outside of the Andersonian Library

Continuous Improvement - Case StudyLean for Leaders: Library Memberships


Non-students of the University of Strathclyde can apply for membership to get access to the Library, including borrowing rights and access to electronic resources.  This project wanted to look at improving the process of applying for membership of the Library, a process that had not been updated for some time.  The main focus of the project was to review and streamline the application process, reduce the time taken to process the applications, and improve the accuracy of information.



What changes were implemented?

  • A new online application system that replaced a paper-based process
  • Removal of errors and missing information on the application received
  • Instant payment of membership fee
  • Reduction in time taken to receive the membership card
  • Increased compliance with Data Protection regulations

What was achieved?

41% point improved staff experience and satisfaction


103 hours/ £1551 staff capacity savings per year

100% improvement in time taken to issue card