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Continuous Improvement - Case StudyModern apprentice: Compliance Process


The Modern Apprentice (MA) programme, run by the University’s Organisational and Staff Development Unit (OSDU) enables young people to work whilst undertaking workplace training. Running in conjunction with the University, Skills Development Scotland (SDS) set standards that must be adhered to and conduct audits to ensure compliance.  This programme generates revenue for the University, but non-compliance with SDS standards results in financial penalties and greater scrutiny from SDS. This project was identified after SDS audits highlighted several instances of non-compliance with SDS standards resulting in monetary fines and loss of income to the University. The objective of the project was to review and improve the Modern Apprentice process to increase efficiency and compliance with SDS.


What changes were implemented?

  • Improved communication to MAs to ensure essential personal information is obtained at the earliest stage
  • Introduction of a visual control spreadsheet highlighting SDS deadlines in advance for every MA
  • Regular operational reviews introduced to enable scheduling of compulsory reviews with MAs within the set timeframes
  • Standard Operating Procedures developed to support the end to end process


What was achieved?

£16,641 cost saved per year through compliance with SDS standards

42 hours staff capacity created per year through reduction in time required to prepare for an audit

100% of reviews took place within the compliance period set by SDS