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Continuous Improvement - Case StudyOrdinance & Regulations Working Group


Arial view of people meeting round a table The Ordinance & Regulations Working Group are responsible for ensuring that proposed curriculum changes comply with Quality Assurance, and updating the university regulations with approved curriculum changes to provide students with accurate information about their classes. The project aimed to design a consistent process from the submission of papers, to the approval and publication of curriculum change, in order to reduce the number of process errors and subsequent delays.

What changes were implemented?

  • Template document created for curriculum changes
  • University-wide SharePoint site developed to streamline submissions
  • Visibility of milestones and current paper status for all staff
  • Working Group membership changed to include faculty management teams to support academic members

What was achieved?

100% reduction in late and 'not fit for purpose' papers

55% reduction in staff time spent on the process

100% reduction in retrospective changes to curriculum´╗┐