Strategy Open & collaborative strategy

Whilst competition is often at the heart of most companies’ strategy, adopting an open innovation and collaborative ethos is increasingly seen as a fruitful strategy for some companies. Our research explores how such an approach can be applied in practice and the relative benefits/drawbacks this entails.



Jillian MacBryde

Professor Jillian MacBryde has been working with companies to improve their innovation culture. She is working with Scottish Power on a KTP around building an innovation culture. Part of this is around establishing an open innovation platform and encouraging staff from all areas of the organisation to engage in innovation.

She is also working with Scottish Enterprise on the Open Innovation Programme, helping companies to innovate using resources beyond their organisational boundaries.

Dr Nadia Zahoor

Dr Nadia Zahoor’s research focuses on two interrelated areas of alliance networks. First, she studies the dynamics of alliance networks by SMEs. She is interested in investigating how alliance networks are formed and managed.

Second, her research relates to the creation of value in alliance networks. She studies how alliance networks allow SMEs to achieve innovation and internationalisation.