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Chemical & Process EngineeringDisability information

Departmental Disability Contacts

Academic departments at the University of Strathclyde each have a designated member of staff who acts as the Departmental Disability Contact (DDC).

The role of the DDC is to discuss with applicants and current students any aspect of your course that relates to your disability.

The DDC for the Department of Chemical & Process Engineering is Prof Ashleigh Fletcher.

Her role involves:

  • liaising with colleagues regarding the disclosed needs of disabled students
  • interacting with the University Disability Service, whose advisors provide information, guidance and support to students and staff
  • monitoring the effectiveness of current teaching/assessment arrangements
  • liaising with colleagues to try to anticipate potential future demands that may arise

Potential applicants & current students with a disability

You are encouraged to contact the DDC to discuss any aspect of the teaching and learning activities of your chosen course and/or any necessary adjustments identified.

All discussions are held in strict confidence and information will only be shared with colleagues (for example in the department or in the Disability Service) with the express permission of the student.

Applicants and current students with a disability are strongly encouraged to contact the Disability Service for advice.

Disability equality scheme

The University of Strathclyde is committed to the principles and practices expressed in its University Disability Equality Scheme, published in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act (2005).

Disabled students are warmly invited to comment, at any time, about whether they think any other improvements could usefully be made.

All academic departments were asked to look carefully at whether they could make any improvements in what they do for all students, with a view to considering what they could routinely do better for disabled students, and were asked to review and report on the accessibility of their teaching and assessment activities.

With the participation of disabled students in helping to identify good practice and also things that could be improved, the Department of Chemical & Process Engineering carried out this review during the period October 2008 to March 2009.

A comprehensive report - including feedback from students - was produced on the findings of the review, which highlights positive aspects and also areas where the Department felt improvements could be made. 

This Review Report was submitted to the University for consideration and was approved and accepted in May 2009.