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Civil & Environmental Engineering Flexible learning

Looking to expand your career options or work towards a qualification? Our flexible learning options allow you to study in a way that suits you, allowing you to study online, or undertake anything from one or two modules to a full MSc.

Our flexible learning options include:

Distance learning (part-time over 3 years)

Our Distance Learning courses allow you to complete an MSc online, without attending modules at our Glasgow campus. This means you can study for one of our Postgraduate Degrees available via Distance Learning, while balancing your existing work and family commitments. This option is suitable for students located anywhere in the world.

Modules are taught using online material (e.g. by video, podcasts, webinars and presentation), meaning you can study at a time that suits you.

You’ll have full access to online materials and will be able to chat with your tutors and fellow students via email, online forums and live webchats. We also have a dedicated staff member who can answer any questions you have and can help support you through your studies.

Students normally complete the full MSc degree part-time over 3 years, or may choose to exit earlier with a Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma award.  Pro-rata fees are paid on an annual basis at the start of each year of study. Details of the fees and funding can be found on the MSc website below.

Degrees available via Distance Learning

For more information on our MSc degrees available by part-time Distance Learning, including entry requirements, application links and course fees, visit our course pages:

 We additionally offer Masters by Research degrees (MRes) part-time via Distance Learning:


Professional Development Courses - Modular Flexible Study

How does the 'Professional Development - Modular study' route work?

The Professional Development - Modular Study route enables students to undertake single 10-credit modules from our ‘MSc programmes’ class range.  Modules can be taken either stand-alone for CPD or as part of a programme of study working towards degree award.

Modules can be selected from a pool of civil engineering, environmental engineering, geoscience, sustainability, entrepreneurship and environmental health science options. These are currently offered via on-campus attendance of classes . Each module or class is taught over 10-12 weeks and requires approximately 2-3 hours of study per week.
Fees are set per individual module, details are below.

When you apply to the non-graduating route you’ll select your first module and arrange payment of the tuition fees. Some modules require pre-requisites or a specific degree subject background, while others are open to students from any degree background, opening a route to progress your career within the environmental, engineering or sustainability sectors.


Professional Development modules

For more information on the modules available within this route, including entry requirements and apply links, visit our course page:



Many students choose to take just one or two modules for CPD purposes. If you successfully complete a module, you’ll have the option either to receive a course completion document and end your studies, or you may be able to continue to build up credit towards award of a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or MSc degree (over a maximum period of five years). Please note, not all our degrees are available through this route.

Most individual modules are 10 credit modules; you need to pass six modules to qualify for a Postgraduate Certificate, 12 for a Postgraduate Diploma and add a final individual research project for degree award of an MSc. Currently this is option is only offered for our on-campus classes, however in the future we also plan to offer this for our online studies.


Please see Open Access (Modular Study) Fees for more details.