Design, Manufacturing & Engineering ManagementJaslin Bhangoo: what do I love about Glasgow?

Hi everyone!

What do I love about Glasgow?

I can proudly say, Glasgow, is now my second home! It feels just like home but even better at times!

Extremely welcoming and friendly

It’s similar to Toronto in many ways, the cleanliness and kindness here make it feel just like home. The people in Glasgow have been extremely welcoming and friendly.

One of my favourite things about Glasgow is how close everything is! The shops, restaurants and cafes in the city centre are all within walking distance.

The city is filled with rich history, art and music, there’s never a boring moment because you’ll always find something fun to do!

One of my favourite places to visit in Glasgow would have to be The Lighthouse. The building is filled with amazing art and gives you a chance to see Glasgow from above! Just take a look at the views from my picture and see for yourself!

View of Glasgow from thew Lighthouse, Centre for Design & Architecture

Transport links

Another thing I love about Glasgow is the transport links! The main train stations are about a five-minute walk from campus - I love to hop on the train at least once a week and go exploring around Scotland! It’s easy to understand the train routes and the ticket prices are also reasonable. Buchanan bus station is also five minutes away and offers buses to almost every city in Scotland and even straight to Glasgow Airport. 

I’ve loved every minute of living in Glasgow and hope you will too!


Jaslin Bhangoo, postgraduate student in the Department of Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management