Technology Ventures

Welcome to the Technology Ventures dual degree with Carnegie Mellon University.

Engineers are problem solvers; they must combine creative, practical and technical skills in an innovative manner in order to find solutions to modern challenges.

As the engineering industry continues to thrive, demand continues to grow for graduates with the necessary breadth of knowledge to meet the needs of industry worldwide.

We are the Department of Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management (DMEM) in the University of Strathclyde, an internationally leading department providing learning which is both innovative and industry focused.


The structure of the dual degree requires one subject to be taken in the first year at Carnegie Mellon University and the option to choose for your second year to be with us. Take a look at the subject options available for you to pick from, and take your first step towards studying with us.


Find out who we are and what we can offer you

  • Take a tour of our department, get to know the Engineering faculty that we sit within, and explore our campus.
  • Check out the industrial experience you will add to your CV through studying with us.
  • Don't forget to read some of our DMEM student stories and find out where our graduates have secured jobs.