Robotics & Autonomous Systems Research Group

Our research focusses on enabling automated systems and intelligent robotics with improved efficiency and awareness.

Autonomous systems and mechatronics has been established as a key technology in developing many intelligent systems, in particular for consumable projects.

Our Robotics & Autonomous Research Group is active in:

  • generating novel conceptual solutions and applying various technology, for challenges that require high intelligence, fast response and efficiency
  • providing application in various areas including food & drink, agricultural industries and health

Specialist expertise

Our specialist expertise includes:

  • electronics and power systems
  • intelligent mechatronic and robotic control architectures and learning systems
  • mechatronic system development methodologies and mechatronic system modelling and prototyping
  • mechatronic system design and simulation platforms to support mechatronic systems development
  • networks and fuzzy logic
  • orbital and planetary robotics for both space and terrestrial applications
  • systems - human interaction and integration technology
  • system modelling and simulation

Our research staff