Advanced Composites Group Composite Processing

The two polystat presses housed in the composite processing area

Polystat S400 Press

ACG has two programmable Polystat S400 presses that are used for the processing of polymers and composites like glass matt thermoplastics (GMT). The maximum press force is 400 kN and can be controlled with a continuous closed loop control. The dimensions of the platens are 450 x 450 mm. The press can operate to temperatures of up to 300 °C ( ± 2 °C). In addition, the plates can be cooled down rapidly with a cooling rate of up to 20 °C / min.
Image of our autoclave, situated in the polymer processing area


The autoclave has a diameter of 1m and has maximum opperating parameters of 10 Bar pressure and 600 °C temperature.  
Image of our small hand operated injection moulding tool

Hand injection moulding

The hand injection moulder (A-100) is a quick and inexpensive tool to produce prototype plastic parts without air compressor. The maximum mould size is 4” x 2.63” x 2.5” and the maximum operating temperature is 287°C.
A part being formed by vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding

Vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding

Our composite processing area also includes facilities for the production of composites using VARTM.

Twin screw extruder

PRISM 16 mm twin screw extruder.

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Fracture surface of a glass fibre obtained using scanning electron microscopy

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