Our work showcased at Subsea Expo 2017

Polymer aerogel composites generate interest at industry expo

Dr Liu Yang attended the UK Subsea Expo in Aberdeen to exhibit the results of our polymer aerogel research, in association with collaborative partners Blueshift International Materials Inc. and the Oil & Gas Innovation Center. The novel fibre reinforced aerogel composite blankets that have been developed in this research project demonstrate great potential benefits due to their excellent insulation properties. These benefits proved the motivation for Blueshift to engage in the research, with a primary focus on deep-sea pipe-in-pipe oil and gas pipelines´╗┐´╗┐. A significantly improved aerogel composite insulation product´╗┐ also presents benefits to the wider industrial community.

Speaking about his experience at Subsea Expo 2017 Dr Yang said:

Attending Subsea Expo 2017 provided a valuable opportunity to showcase our work to the wider industrial community and to demonstrate our support for further product development in this area. We are very pleased with the progress made so far and are keen to continue our work in what is a new area of composites research for our group.

Image of Dr Liu Yang at the 2017 Subsea Expo