Young WEIR WISE: Discovering Engineering with S2 GirlsAbout the Programme

The Rationale

Evidence shows that there is poor gender balance within most engineering degree courses in the UK. Undergraduate intake statistics are significantly skewed towards male students and, in some courses, females make up less than 10% of the total intake. The main reason for this is that many young females see science and engineering subjects as being male orientated – and hence ‘not for them’.

The Faculty of Engineering recognises that if school pupils fail to select physics in their National 5 (formerly Standard Grade) subject choices when they are in S2, it can mean that even if they show an interest in engineering in S3 or S4, it is an uphill battle to gain the required qualifications to apply for an Engineering Degree.

Programme Outcomes

  • The WEIR-WISE programme will aim to inspire female participants to become the next generation of engineers.
  • Participants will learn about appropriate National 5 subject choices which feed into the various engineering streams, creating an opportunity to study engineering that might otherwise be lost.
  • Participants will gain awareness of the University and of the Weir Group, that they would not otherwise have.

2023 Programme

We are delighted to be able to offer our 2023 programme in person again and the details are as follows:

  • The programme will run twice, taking place at the University of Strathclyde on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 January 2023 and on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 January 2023. Each day the programme will run from 9.30am – 3.00pm, with a break for lunch.
  • Participants will spend two days on the University of Strathclyde campus and will hear from staff at the University and colleagues from the Weir Group who will provide an insight into studying and working in the field of engineering. They will also partake in a number of practical activities run by University of Strathclyde staff and engineers.
  • 150 places will be available – 75 on the 23-24 January and 75 on the 26-27 January.
  • As the programme will be running during school hours, pupils should consult their teacher with regards to having time away from normal studies.
  • This is not a residential programme, however travel expenses of up to £200 can be claimed per successful pupil. 
  • Successful applicants will be informed as to which of the dates they have been allocated to attend (either 23-24 January OR 26-27 January 2023). Please note that applicants will be allocated to a specific date by the Young WEIR-WISE organising committee and this date will be final – changes cannot be made following the allocation.


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