Knowledge Transfer Partnerships´╗┐

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are at the heart of our industrial engagement strategy. We’re committed to building projects which exploit our expertise and our equipment capabilities, meeting the business and technical needs of industry.

What are Knowledge Transfer Partnerships?´╗┐

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are one of the world’s leading knowledge transfer mechanisms. KTPs were established in 1975 and are part-funded by 15 Government organisations. Led by the Technology Strategy Board, KTP projects apply the knowledge and expertise of academics to business-critical projects.

A relationship is formed between a company and an academic institution ('Knowledge Base' partner), which allows the transfer of knowledge, technology and skills to which the company partner currently has no access. To help this, a talented graduate/postgraduate (known as the KTP Associate) is appointed to work within the business, supported by the academic.

How do KTPs work?

KTPs often deliver significant increased profitability for business partners

In general, each KTP project lasts between 12 and 36 months. Businesses and organisations from a broad range of sectors are eligible to participate in KTPs, including public funded organisations, charities and social enterprises. 

KTP projects help strengthen the relationship between the academic and the business community, and frequently provide the catalyst for an ongoing collaboration.

KTPs often deliver significant increased profitability for business partners as a direct result of the partnership, through improved quality and operations, increased sales and access to new markets.

In addition to the financial benefits delivered to businesses involved, nearly 70% of KTP Associates are offered full time employment with the host organisation on completion of their KTP.

KTPs at Strathclyde

In the past 15 years the University has had 140 projects funded, generating over £17 million in grants, and has on average over 20 projects running at any one time. The majority of these KTPs have been through the Faculty of Engineering, with many companies seeing us as their first choice to work with on KTPs.

We've generated over £17 million in grants

We’ve seen a marked growth in KTP activity in recent years. We work across the full range of engineering sectors with industry partners drawn from both SME and large multinational companies.

Our success in KTP engagement has been recognised at regional and national levels, with a number of recent award winners and many others shortlisted and highly commended. A more effective measure of success is the increasing number of partners who work with us on repeat KTP projects, building a pipeline of research and knowledge exchange activities.

We continue to be recognised as the place to go for engineering firms to gain a competitive advantage.

Find a full list of the companies we have worked with over the years and full details of the KTP projects we’ve worked with them on by viewing our Faculty of Engineering KTP Project Database

We're the number one Scottish university and in the top three nationally for our KTP performance.