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We're the leading provider of teacher education in Scotland, and one of the largest in the UK.

Our teacher education courses have a strong track record and are valued highly by our students. Our graduates are sought after by schools all over the country, and most of our students are in employment by graduation. 

Our work spans across the globe. Our staff have projects with colleagues in Japan, China, Australia, USA, Canada, Malawi and Thailand.  

We also have an international student body and our students can study abroad in many countries. We have strong links with Sweden, Germany, Spain, Malawi, Iceland, and Denmark. 

Our staff

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Our academics have successful careers as school teachers and other positions within education. This allows them to bring a wide range of experience to the professional preparation of our students. 

Many are internationally recognised experts in educational research. They regularly publish in leading peer-reviewed journals and university presses. They also write professional textbooks for teachers and pupils. 

New members of staff receive new and mentoring support from the School.  The University provides wider support in career development through the Strathclyde Researcher Pathways Programme and the Research Leaders for Tomorrow Programme. 

At a senior level, the Strathclyde Programme in Research and Leadership (SPIRAL) is a new initiative of masterclasses, which focuses upon the key challenges faced by senior researchers.


Our students

We have a wide range of students, including :

  • school leavers
  • direct entrants from college
  • mature students returning to study
  • part-time students who study with us at nights and weekends to fit around work commitments
  • postgraduate students
  • international students

This interesting and diverse student population creates a vibrant and creative learning environment.

Our students go on placement from day one. They also take part in professional development activities which allows them to put theory into practice. This is what makes our students highly employable.  

They also have the opportunity to develop their network of contacts and opportunities through:

  • the Strathclyde Literacy Clinic
  • the Townhead Homework Club
  • the Scottish Early Years Network
  • CPD in Education Society 

These are all student-led opportunities. They widen and enhance student experience here at The Strathclyde Institute of Education.

Our research students

Many of our research students study part-time for their PhD's and EdD's. They do this while working full-time or part-time in schools and other educational organisations.

This is how they bring up-to-date, professional experience to their research studies and contribute to our research culture. 

Many of our research students are based in Scotland, while a growing number are international. 

Our graduates

Our graduates go on to pursue careers in a variety of areas in teaching and other educational organisations. This includes educational policy and teacher professional learning. 

Many of our graduates return to complete specialised higher degree qualifications at Masters and Doctoral levels, with some becoming academics and lecturers themselves.

Where we come from

We trace our history back to 1837, when David Stow founded the Glasgow Normal Seminary. This was one of the first teacher education institutions in the UK, which later became Jordanhill College of Education. Jordanhill College merged with the University of Strathclyde in 1993. 

Scotland’s reputation for producing excellent teachers rests on this strong historical foundation.

LGBT+ Inclusion

The Strathclyde Institute of Education is working with LGBT Youth Scotland in their mission to ensure all schools in Scotland are inclusive places for LGBT+ children and young people, their families and LGBT+ staff. We are currently working towards the LGBT Charter Mark issued by LGBT Youth Scotland. The following links will be useful to all students for resources and further information:

LGBT Youth Scotland




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