Inspiring Children's Futures Project: The Justice for Children, Justice for All global initiative

“If we do not achieve justice for children, and if we are unable to involve them meaningfully in this process, then we will fail in our ambition of achieving justice for all by 2030”.

The Justice for Children, Justice for All Project offers a new starting point to place children at the heart of an emerging global movement for justice.

Children are thirty percent of the world’s population. In many countries, over half of the population is under the age of eighteen. Yet, children are largely invisible. The Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies Task Force’ on Justice commissioned Inspiring Children's Futures to lead a Justice for Children, Justice for All global initiative. This project found that while the global agenda pledges to leave no one behind “there is a stark gap when it comes to measuring, understanding, and fulfilling this global ambition for children”. The project partnership continues its work to address the growing gaps for children emerging in the pandemic.