Centre for Law Crime and JusticeJohn Fitzsimons Memorial Scholarships

Applications are invited from suitable mature candidates for the award of a John Fitzsimons scholarship. Click here for the full application form and criteriaapplication form and criteria (see also below).  Deadline for awards for 2023-24 is: before noon (BST) Thursday 24th August 2023 and should be submitted to hass-courses-law@strath.ac.uk .

About John Fitzsimons

John Fitzsimons was one of Strathclyde University Law School’s first and most inspirational Lecturers. He taught Criminal Law and Jurisprudence for twenty years before becoming a highly-respected judge (Sheriff). To achieve this, he and his family made considerable sacrifices – not least when he became a mature student at the age of 25.

John Fitzsimons believed that talented individuals should have proper access to education on the basis of academic, rather than financial, merit. Through his teaching, encouragement, and his own actions, he inspired generations of Strathclyde students to achieve their potential. He was well aware of the particular barriers which mature students can face. Applicants are encouraged to read about the life of John Fitzsimons

General Purposes of the John Fitzsimons Memorial Fund

The general purposes of the Memorial Fund are: to hold an occasional public lecture in memory of John Fitzsimons; and secondly, to provide bursary support for academically talented mature students studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or diploma taught in the Law School, and who are in acute financial need.


The level of any award will be between £500 and £3000, depending on circumstances and the merits of each case. Awards will be made for one academic session at a time.

Eligibility for a John Fitzsimons Memorial Scholarship Fund Award

1. Mature students in the Law School at Strathclyde University, or, prospective mature students applying to study in the Law School at Strathclyde University.

2. Current or prospective students at Strathclyde University Law School must be of 25 years or older by the time of the deadline for submitting an application to the John Fitzsimons Memorial Fund.

3. UK and non-UK residents are eligible to apply.

4. Awards will be made to assist with the costs associated with study on an instructional (i.e. taught) programme taught in the Law School at either under-graduate or post-graduate level (eg LLM, MSc, LLB etc). For a full list of under-graduate and post- courses provided by the Law School 

5. Current or prospective research students (e.g. PhD or MPhil) will not be eligible to apply. Current or prospective students pursuing a joint course with the Law School and another School/Department will not be eligible to apply. (Current or prospective post-graduate research students are encouraged to apply to the wide range of funding opportunities offered for study in the Law School. See http://www.strath.ac.uk/humanities/lawschool/lawscholarships/)

6. Current registered Strathclyde University UK/Home students who are experiencing financial difficulty during the course of their studies at Strathclyde should apply to a number of different resources depending on their circumstances, namely: The Discretionary Fund,The Childcare Fund and The Emergency Aid Fund.

Please apply to these funds if you fit those criteria. Nonetheless, such students are eligible also to apply to the John Fitzsimons Memorial Fund.

7. The Selection Committee shall have regard to:

i) academic merit

ii) financial need in the context of personal circumstances

iii) evidence of strong interest in the areas of John Fitzsimons’ work namely: Criminal Law and / or Jurisprudence, and/or cognate areas

iv) the availability of other awards to assist with living costs and/or tuition fees

8. Successful applicants to the John Fitzsimons Memorial Fund are expected to take up the offer of a place in the next academic session commencing in September of the same calendar year.