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Law School Strathclyde Law Review

The Strathclyde Law Review allows you to get your work published. Through published articles, you can express your views, and read other student opinions, on current legal developments.

It’s a student run body and we welcome submissions from authors on any legal topic (subject to the approval of the editorial board).


Submissions now open - deadline 15 April 2018

We’re now accepting submissions for the fourth edition. The deadline for submissions is the 15 April 2018.

We welcome submissions from students at all stages, from first year undergraduate to postgraduate PhD level. You can submit a piece of work, which has been written for part of your degree, or you can write something specifically for the Review.

Your article must provide a critical analysis of a particular area of law, publication or judicial decision. Your comment should be original, relevant and aim to make an interesting contribution to the academic debate.

The following types of submissions will be considered:

  • case notes (500 to 1500 words on a recent judicial development)
  • book reviews (500 to 1500 words on a recent publication)
  • essays & short articles (1500 to 4000 words)
  • long articles (4000 to 10,000 words)

Students and academics are encouraged to write about current legal issues. Original and contemporary papers will be highly regarded.

All submissions are compiled anonymously and reviewed by the Editorial Board.

How to submit your work

Please submit your work to stuart.jones.2015@uni.strath.ac.uk

Provide the area of law, title and word count of your paper.

If you're submitting previous course work then please provide the grade you received.


About Us

The Strathclyde Law Review is a student-led organisation, formed with the purpose of showcasing and disseminating legal scholarship in Scotland and beyond.

2016-2017 Editorial Board


We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support during the 2016-2017 academic year.

If you would like to sponsor the Strathclyde Law Review for 2017-2018 issue, please contact our Senior Content Development Editor, Nina Ewing.

2016-2017 Sponsors 

Alumni Fund

The Strathlcyde Law Review would like to extend its gratitude to the University of Strathclyde Alumni Fund. The funding that was provided to our publication was vital to the success that we all enjoyed last year. The Strathclyde Law Review has become an ever-expanding organisation with contacts from all around the world. None of this would be possible without the sources of funding such as the Alumni Fund which allows each and every student volunteer to have a more enriching and memorable experience within our organisation.