Meet our studentsChloe OHare

Chloé O'Hare

PGDE Chemistry - Graduate

I completed my undergraduate degree at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, then took a year out to travel and gain experience within the classroom, by volunteering in a few local schools. This experience allowed me to ensure teaching was the career I wanted to pursue so I swapped one capital for another and applied to do my PGDE at Strathclyde in Glasgow.

Throughout school I always had a passion for the sciences, my favourite and most inspirational teacher was my chemistry teacher and with her help and support I knew teaching would be the job for me. The passion and drive she had for the subject was so inspiring I knew I wanted to pass on my knowledge and passion to the next generation and become the best teacher possible. When I applied for the PGDE I knew it was going to be a tough year, the workload is hard but manageable and with the amazing support from my tutors I got through it. The year will come with its ups and downs and it might not all go to plan but that’s ok. This year was not all plain sailing, at points I was ready to give up and say this isn’t the job for me but the support and encouragement surrounding me and my determination got me through it. I myself had to undertake a retrieval placement I thought was going to be the end of the world however, if anything, I am a better teacher for it, that extra couple of months as a student has let me grow in confidence. So yes it will be a hard year and everything might not go exactly to your original plan but just know that if this is what you want to do you will succeed and taking a slightly different path than your peers will not hold you back if anything you will be better for it. The most important piece of advice I have is contact your tutors, talk to your peers, if you are struggling with anything the quicker you ask for help the quicker the problem will be resolved, do not stress yourself out overthinking, your tutors are there to help and they only want the best for you, if it wasn’t for my tutor I would not have made it to where I am now.

I am currently in a long term supply role, the department are very supportive and welcoming. I have my own 1st to 3rd year classes and team teach a few of the split classes. I am always kept busy helping with supported study, partnership evenings, science club and I even take the P7 classes during their transition days. Thankfully I have already conquered my first round of reports and solo parents’ evening so I am prepared and know exactly what to expect when I start in my probationary year. I am super excited to start my probationary year in August, I know I will always be in the classroom and I cannot wait to see what is in store for me in the future.