Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesMeet our graduates

PGDE Primary Education graduate Robin Young
You're going to learn a lot. Be ready for the information you'll have coming your way. It may not all make sense to you up front, but your placements will put everything into perspective.
Robin Young, PGDE Primary Education
Gillian Fergusson MEd Educational Leadership graduate
I had expected the course to be hard work, and it was, but what I had not expected was that the time spent in the classrooms on winter evenings and cold Saturday mornings would be quite such a stress-relief!
Gillian Fergusson, MEd Educational Leadership
Andrew Laing PGDE Biology graduate
At Strathclyde the teaching of the PGDE truly sets you up for the classroom, especially in the setting up and running of practical science lessons. It became apparent talking to other students that this was not common across all universities.
Andrew Laing, PGDE Biology