Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Meet our graduates

Gillian Fergusson MEd Educational Leadership graduate
I had expected the course to be hard work, and it was, but what I had not expected was that the time spent in the classrooms on winter evenings and cold Saturday mornings would be quite such a stress-relief!
Gillian Fergusson, MEd Educational Leadership
Emma Cassells PGDE Modern Studies Graduate

Emma Cassells, PGDE Modern Studies

I wanted to become a teacher to try and make a difference in young people's lives and to hopefully inspire the same passion and interest in my subject that I have.

Robert Gale Graduate Profile PGDE English 500x500

Robert Gale, PGDE English

Each day is a different experience, and getting to see my students grow, and learn to improve themselves is a very satisfying thing.

Steven McNeil PGDE graduate profile 500x500

Steven McNeil, PGDE Physical Education

My advice to anyone considering studying the PGDE course would be to just go for it. I know from experience that it can be daunting to leave full-time employment to go back to university, especially for mature students like myself, but I can honestly say that it is worth it in the long run. 

Yue Lin MSc TESOL 500x500

Yue Lin, MSc TESOL & Intercultural Communication

After finishing my internship in a public secondary school, I decided to take a postgraduate course in English education in order to learn new teaching methods and theories from other countries systematically aside from those traditional ones I learned in Chinese schools.

Siyu Luna Luo MSc Business Translation and Interpreting 500x500

Siyu Luna Luo, MSc Business Translation and Interpreting

All of my lecturers and my supervisor at Strathclyde were very helpful and supportive. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience to study in Strathclyde and also live in a city with marvellous buildings and warm-hearted people.

Kunal Tilak graduate students

Kunal Tilak, LLM International Relations, Law & Security

The best thing about studying at the University of Strathclyde is its location. Centrally located, in the heart of Glasgow, makes it such a sought-after university. The research facilities, the world-class library and the modern infrastructure are the things that I find the best about Strathclyde.

Carol Maguire PGDE Computing graduate

Carol Maguire, PGDE Computing

Every class is different, every school is different and every pupil is an individual.  I don’t think I can say I had any two lessons that were the same.  

Edna Ayeley Okine law graduate

Edna Ayeley Okine, LLM International Law and Sustainable Development

I had always wanted to make practical contributions in the areas of academia and integrated development. Furthering my studies was therefore a way for me to realise my dreams. I found that Strathclyde’s LLM in IL&SD specifically offered an avenue to get both theoretical and practical knowledge and opportunities in my interest areas.

Fiona McKay with graduation robe on

Fiona McKay, PhD Journalism

It has been instrumental for me gaining my current job. Following on from my Masters, I was in the fortunate position of simultaneously working as a professional journalist as well as working towards a doctorate. Having both these strings to my bow fit the requirements of my current role.

Huaping Li PhD Education graduate

Dr Huaping Li, PhD Education

I chose the University of Strathclyde because it is one of the largest providers of teacher education in Europe and it is a university known for its commitment to making itself as a place of useful learning. My four year PhD experience at the university has shown that the university and staff members, both academic and administrative, are always keeping their commitment by taking a student-centred approach.

Derek Timpany MEd Graduate

Derek Timpany, MEd Educational Leadership

I personally enjoyed the lecturer-led sessions, however, there was also ample opportunity to engage in professional dialogue with fellow students. We heard from a number of guest speakers and subject experts and were assessed by a range of methods including presentations, essays and my personal favourite, a work-based project.

Chloe O'Hare PGDE Chemistry graduate

Chloé O'Hare, PGDE Chemistry

The most important piece of advice I have is contact your tutors, talk to your peers, if you are struggling with anything the quicker you ask for help the quicker the problem will be resolved, do not stress yourself out overthinking, your tutors are there to help and they only want the best for you.

Gabriella Bennett smiling off camera

Gabriella Bennett, BA Journalism and Creative Writing

It gave me brilliant contacts and taught me how to look more closely at the world. How to scrutinise things without being scared of people thinking I was stupid for not having the answers yet. It also gave me a killer reading list.

Paul Campbell education graduate

Paul Campbell, MEd Education

The best part of my job now is the dual element of being able to work with a fantastic community of learners, being able to support their learning and growth, and student leadership in the school through the Student Council.

Vedika Sukhatme psychology graduate

Vedika Sukhatme, MSc Clinical Health Psychology

Strathclyde gave me the opportunity to explore different aspects within psychology including health, clinical and neuropsychology. This was important for me as I didn't want to have tunnel vision and was keen to keep my options open.

Emma PGDE graduate

Emma McNeil, PGDE Geography

Treasure the people you experience this journey with and utilise each other as much as you can when it ends. I made the most amazing friendships with people during my time at Strathclyde and feel so grateful to know I will now have them in my life forever.

Kirsten Thornton law graduate

Kirsten Thornton, LLM Criminal Justice & Penal Change

I can’t possibly choose just one memory to be the highlight. From the interesting classes and fascinating guest lecturers, to the lively class discussions and the amazing people, I am so grateful to have had this experience.

Aishah Ali PGDE Chemistry

Aishah Ali, PGDE Chemistry

Placements are where you can put all you have learnt into practice, it allows you the opportunity to develop as a teacher, build positive relationships and work with really talented members of staff. It is very tiring and challenging but also extremely rewarding and beneficial.

Tao Fu PGDE graduate

Tao Fu, PGDE Mandarin

I also loved my time on placement. I did my placements at three schools, which definitely boosted my teaching skills. The experience of observing other teachers’ lessons and controlling your own teaching pace was invaluable.

Valerie Zhang, China, Intercultural Communication and Global Business

Valerie Zhang, Intercultural Communication and Global Business

Subjects such as leadership, politics and marketing have exposed me to a variety of interesting topics, and it can help you find out what subject you like best and what you want to do in the future. The programme is also challenging, as it is a completely different culture from the Chinese way of working in terms of classes and assessment. Even the Scottish accent takes some getting used to – it’s all part of the experience.

Huijing Wu Intercultural Communication and Global Business

Huijing Wu, Intercultural Communication and Global Business

I majored in the Intercultural Communication and Global Business in the University of Strathclyde. During my one-year exchange life in Scotland, I learned a lot about the language used in business and organization, journalism, creative writing and music, which fully prepared me for my present work.

Zara Janjua journalism graduate

Zara Janjua, MLitt Journalism

Strathclyde gave me the confidence to chase stories and enjoy the thrill of news. My first role as a journalist was a direct result of my degree. It was the first stepping stone that led to dynamic opportunities.

Christina Tay Mediation graduate

Christina Mārie Tay, MSc Mediation and Conflict Resolution

I would absolutely encourage anyone interested in working in the field of mediation and conflict resolution to complete the MSc Mediation and Conflict Resolution through University of Strathclyde. The calibre of the lecturing staff, the course components and camaraderie was outstanding. The cohort I studied alongside were from all around the world which made it a truly international masters degree.

Jordan Denton PGDE History graduate

Jordan Denton, PGDE History

I chose to complete my teacher training in Glasgow because I had just spent 4 years of my undergrad studying, researching, writing and dreaming about British and European history without really experiencing it. Strathclyde offered a one year program, still the same credentials and qualifications if I had attended in Ontario but one year shorter, more placement time spent in classrooms teaching and I got to live in Glasgow!

Niharika Mehta psychology graduate

Niharika Mehta, MSc Clinical Health Psychology

The academic as well as practical knowledge gave me a boost in my career. The placement improved my skills. As a result, I conduct regular workshops in schools and corporations.

PGDE Modern Languages student Corina Florakis

Corina Florakis, PGDE French & Italian

Learning languages for me has always been so interesting, I have been fascinated by how languages work and develop, so, I wanted to do something that I enjoy and that allowed me to be surrounded by languages. I like thinking I am passing this passion on to my students… I hope they can see it.

Tom Hall Public Policy Graduate

Tom Hall, MSc Public Policy

Since finishing the MSc course in September 2015 I have worked in the third sector, for two children and young people focused charities – Includem and Early Years Scotland, before starting in my current role with Colleges Scotland in February 2019. I also had a highly enjoyable internship with the National Autistic Society in the run-up to the Scottish Parliament Elections of 2016.

Andrew Laing PGDE Biology graduate
At Strathclyde the teaching of the PGDE truly sets you up for the classroom, especially in the setting up and running of practical science lessons. It became apparent talking to other students that this was not common across all universities.
Andrew Laing, PGDE Biology