Exploring Career Options

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Exploring Career Options

There are so many potential careers out there that it can seem overwhelming.  You might not have thought beyond getting your PhD, you may have some vague ideas but need to find out more information, or you may not have a clue where to begin.  Whatever stage you are at, the Careers Service can help.


Resources for Exploring Careers


Research Outside Academia

Whatever the subject of your PhD, there is a range of opportunities for research careers outside higher education.  Some of the options open to you will depend on your subject area and existing practical skills.  However, the most important thing to remember is to demonstrate your awareness of how your research skills are transferable.

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Other Options Outside Academia

Starting your own business

Would you consider going it alone and apply your creative approach to research to entrepreneurship? 

See our advice on Starting Your Own Business and Freelancing

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Portfolio Career

A portfolio career combines a mixture of professional roles, some of which might involve your degree subject or research area.  This could include research, teaching in academia, consultancy (incorporating free-lance/self-employment), and employment in an academic institution.

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Other Options with Your Subject

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